Rory French is an up and coming wood sculpting artist based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Rory grew up in New Zealand and has deep roots in NZ culture. As an adventure enthusiast Rory explores the natural beauty of Aotearoa by partaking in all outdoor activities including extreme sports such as paragliding acrobatics, kitesurfing and surfing to which New Zealand’s vast countryside offers amazing opportunities.

Rory’s practical abilities spawn from years of building and tinkering in the family shed. Rory has enjoyed fixing and building almost everything from a very young age. It was only natural for him to start to create substance that provokes emotion through carving.

Rory’s sculptures are a mix of contemporary Maori geometry with a conceptual New Zealand feeling. His shapes represent a modern approach to a traditional art form unique in Aotearoa.

Rory uses many tools during the process of creating his works, from chainsaws to chisels he subtracts wooden matter in order to create outstanding wooden masterpieces.

His ever evolving work continues to inspire his love for his home country and in turn drives his unique forms.